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Posterous: Easy, Simple Blogging Using Email for Creating Posts
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Know how to send an email?  You too can be a blogger with Posterous.


Blogging has never been easier than with Posterous where a blog post can be created by simply sending an email to  That’s it.  And not just text blog posts - photos, text, MP3's, documents, videos – all can be added to posts via email. 


How’s it work?  The subject line of the email becomes the post title and the text sent in the email is the post content.  Attach a photo and Posterous automatically sizes and inserts the image in your post.   For multiple images, Posterous creates an image gallery.  Video can be added as a link or a file, with Posterous hosting the file.  URLs are automatically converted to links, with YouTube links converted to an embedded player in your post.


Tagging:  Tags can be added to the email by adding the tags in the subject of the email using the syntax such as ((tag: social media, blogging tools, Posterous)).


Autoposting.   Autoposting is without a doubt one of my favorite features on any social media platform.   Autoposting simply let’s you write in one place and have the content posted to your other social media sites automatically.  Posterous currently supports autoposting to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, and blogs on LiveJournal, Blogger, Wordpress, Moveable Type and Typepad.  


How’s that work?  This post was actually sent via email to Posterous and then autoposted to Dallas Marketing Services, which is a self-hosted Wordpress blog.   It was further autoposted by Posterous to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and LiveJournal.  All that with one email - is that cool or what?


Ready to get started? Simply set up a free account, add the email addresses and mobile phone numbers authorized to post content, create a profile page with an image/logo and start posting and set up your autoposting to your other social media sites.  Next, stop by My Subscriptions to find to other Posterous users , be sure to check out the Posterous FAQs and subscribe to the Official Posterous blog for more information and tips on adding advanced features and formatting.




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