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Jump Start Your 2009 Marketing Efforts with Dallas Marketing's Back to the Basic Series
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Dallas Marketing Services kicked off 2009 with a series to designed to jump start business marketing efforts.   

Even in today’s world of marketing with so many online and offlinechoices, good marketing begins with the basics - an assessment of where you are now and development of a strategy for getting to where you want to be.

Topics covered so far:

Start 2009 by Getting Back to the Marketing Basics

The Marketing Discovery Process

“So What?” Marketing: Defining Features & Maximizing Unique Benefits

Connecting Your Selling Process with the Buyers’ Buying Process

Apparently My Husband Likes Botox Parties with His Girlfriends :-) Know Your Customers 

Target Markets & Segmentation: Using Marketing Resources Wisely

Next up...Competitors: Learn from them

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